Sony Will Make A Major Game Announcement Every Day Until E3

If you thought you had to keep waiting until E3 for some big game announcements (I know there’s already been a tonne), well you thought wrong.

Sony has announced that starting roughly this time tomorrow, until their E3 showcase on Tuesday, they’ll be making a major game related announcement. On four of these days, they’ll announce a brand new game but on Thursday, they’ll be announcing the release date for a major Worldwide Studios title. I’d say this is either Dreams or Days Gone.

Sony announcing major titles before their showcase is off the back of them announcing that they’ll be using E3 to showcase a deep dive of four titles: Spider-Man, The Last Of Us 2, The Ghosts of Tsunishima and Death Stranding.

Here’s what we can expect to see Sony announce on each day (These are American times):

Wednesday, 6th June at 4.00PM BST/5.00pm CEST

Announce: New PS4 game With PS VR support

Thursday, 7th June at 4.00PM BST/5.00pm CEST
Release date for an upcoming Worldwide Studios title

Friday, 8th June at 4.00PM BST/5.00pm CEST
Announce: New PS4 game

Saturday, 9th June at 4.00PM BST/5.00pm CEST
Announce: New PS VR game

Sunday, 10th June at 4.00PM BST/5.00pm CEST
Details: An eagerly anticipated game comes to PS VR