EB Games Is Sending Out Invites For Level 5 EB World Memberships Again

Last year, we broke the news that EB Games was surprising people with Level 5 EB World memberships. At the time, we learned from an EB Games spokesperson that these members would only last on Level 5 for a year, before invitations would be sent out again for another 12 months.

Well, as of yesterday, the invites started going out for the second year of EB Games’ Level 5 EB World Memberships.

The email reads:

As one of our most valuable warriors, we wish to bestow the Level 5 crown upon you!

Few have journeyed this far and your coronation is nigh! But to complete your epic question you must fill out the form below by Monday the 1st of August

By accepting the crown, our royal emissaries will be able to level your Level 5 Welcome Pack Including your 2018 Level 5 card) later this year.


This specific email said that “Level 5 is an exclusive invite-only level for the top Levels 4s, in other words – You! All new benefits, discounts and exclusive gifts await you!”

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We probably won’t know exactly what the benefits are until this new batch for 2018-2019 receive their packs, but these were the perks last year.

  • A dedicated customer service email
  • 25% Bonus Trade Credit
  • 10% Discount on Reboot Repairs
  • 20% off Threadz at EB & Zing
  • 20 Days Satisfaction Returns Period
  • Free Ticket To EB Expo
  • 3 Week Pre-order Hold Guarantee
  • Upgrade A Friend To Level 3 for 1 Year
  • Birthday Offer
  • Christmas Gift
  • Personalised Membership guard


As of now, there’s no real way of knowing the requirements to become Level 5. An EB Games rep confirmed last year that it was a mix of carrots as well as a number of other requirements.

Speaking to someone who got the invitation yesterday, the person said that they didn’t spend a whole lot of money, but did train in games, buy preowned games, shop at a number of different stores, pre-order games and buy PAX tickets through EB Games.

At this point, it’s not clear if more invites will go out for this period, or if all of the invites went out yesterday.