New Fortnite ‘Escape Plan’ Item The Rift-To-Go Has Been Revealed

After teasing us over on Reddit, Fortnite’s new item, which promised players an alternative escape plan, the Rift-To-Go has been revealed. Currently listed as ‘coming soon’ on the in-game news screen, we can expect the item to be made available in Thursday’s v5.30 update.

Obviously, the Rift-To-Go is inspired by the rifts opened at the start of Season 5.0, which we were expecting to close soon but are glad to see live on in this form.

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The new item will undoubtedly shake up how the game is played. I can imagine getting a squad low, only for them to heal up, teleport out and then attack you from above might be super annoying. Alternatively, it might be a good counter to the traditional ‘build-off’ we so often see.