The Original Borderlands Is Getting Remastered With Loads Of Changes

In addition to Borderlands 3, Gearbox also today announced that Borderlands would be getting remastered in stunning 4K for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’ll release both digitally and physically on April 3rd (next week) and includes the base game and all DLC.

Not only will Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition run in 4K and HDR on both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, it’ll also have quality of life improvements such as:

  • A Borderlands 2-style mini-map, which you can toggle on and off, has been added to complement the original compass
  • Substantial improvements to the inventory system—such as allowing you to “lock” weapons or mark them as “junk”—simplify item management
  • Items like ammo, money, and health now auto-pick up from the ground
  • In direct response to fan feedback, the campaign’s final boss encounter has been adjusted to be more engaging, challenging, and rewarding.
  • A new set of six named, custom-skinned Legendary weapons make the base game’s arsenal even deeper. Beat bosses or gather Golden Keys for a chance to collect ‘em all.
  • With the addition of the SHiFT player rewards program, you can now use Golden Keys to unlock special in-game items and rewards. Returning SHiFT users who’ve played Borderlands 2 or The Pre-Sequel on PS4, Xbox One, or PC will receive 75 free Golden Keys, as well as two randomly selected all-new weapons, for their first newly-created Vault Hunter.