A Bloodborne Remaster Is Rumoured To Be Coming To PS5 And PC

The rumour mill is suggesting that a Bloodborne remaster is coming to both PS5 and PC.

YouTubers ‘CaseyExplosion’ and ‘PC Gaming Inquisition’ as well as prominent industry figures Wario64 and Nibellion are suggesting that a Bloodborne remaster is on the way. This remaster was set to be announced at the delayed PS5 event. 

The remastered version looks set to have improved textures and models, run in 4K and ultrawide (on PC), better loading times and other QLD improvements. Bloodborne in particular ran quite poorly on the PS4, so it’d make sense that Sony would want to bring it back in some form.

Where things get even wilder is that one of these YouTubers is also claiming that a Demon Souls Remake is on the way from Bluepoint Games. This has been rumoured for a long while, but it does seem odd that Sony would reveal both Demon Souls and Bloodborne at the same event, given they target such similar audiences.