Sony Has Apparently Cut PS5 Production Significantly With Price Predicted To Be $449/$399 USD

Sony looks to cutting it close in terms of PS5 production, after initial reports earlier today that Sony will airfreight PS5 stock in to meet demand, it’s now been revealed by Bloomberg Japan that Sony has had to cut PS5 production estimates due to being unable to prepare as many PS5 chips as needed for production.

Sony was hoping to produce 15 million PS5 units by March 2021, but this has now been dropped to 11 million due to the production issue.

Another interesting tidbit in the article is the fact that Masahiro Wakasugi, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, expects the PS5 to be priced at $449 USD for the regular model and $399 USD for the discless PS5. This would be a big move below the $499 that Xbox Series X will retail for.

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For context, this is a higher amount of consoles than Sony shipped for PS4 (marginally), but it’s unclear if demand is above what we saw for PS4 or not.