PS5 Wrap

The PlayStation Wrap-Up Will Tell You How Many Hours You Spent Playing PS4/PS5 Last Year

Much like they did last year, PlayStation has launched the 2020 Wrap-Up which will tell you your most played games as well as how many hours you sunk into your PS4 and PS5 in 2020.

You can head here to login with your PlayStation Network ID and get your wrap. You’ll be able to find out the number of games that you played in 2020 (with the top three split into hours), exactly how many hours you sunk into games in 2020 split into games played locally and games played online.

Top Day

The wrap will also tell you how many days you played your PlayStation console on in 2020, and let you know what your most played day was of the week (mine was Sunday afternoon). There’s also a bunch of great trophy data too. You’ll also get told how many PlayStation Plus games that you downloaded and how long you spent playing them.

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For those that were lucky enough to get a PS5, the wrap will tell you the amount of time you’ve specifically spent playing your PS5, your most played game, how many many trophies you’ve earned and how long you’ve spent playing your top played game.

PS5 Wrap

For those that take part in the wrap, you’ll get a special dynamic theme (unfortunately only for PS4) that will feature the iconic PlayStation shapes.

Let us know what your most played game was and other other cool stats that you find out on socials. We’d love to see your individual wraps.