Here’s When The PS5 M.2 SSD Storage Update Is Apparently Coming And Why It’s Taking So Long

PlayStation 5 owners have been waiting to upgrade their PS5 storage (for PS5 games) since the console launched nearly four months ago now, and it looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

Bloomberg is reporting that the M.2 SSD storage support update will release in Winter (June to August). Sony will release an update at the same time that enables the PS5 cooling fan to spin at a faster rate to ensure that the M.2 SSD inside the PS5 will be adequately cooled. Without this update, it’s expected that the M.2 SSD would not function with stability.

“We are preparing to deliver an updated version of the software (firmware) this summer (Japan time). … The PS5 main unit has an expansion slot to which SSD can be added, but it was waiting for the firmware update that enables the use of the slot. According to the person concerned, it is expected that the firmware update will include improving the rotation speed of the cooling fan, as it will be necessary to take measures against heat generation to prevent thermal runaway of the game console by adding SSD. ” said Bloomberg’s report.

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It’s well known by any PS5 owner at this point that the built-in SSD is 667GB which would have run out fairly quickly for most people. For instance Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War takes up more than 130GB of space (even more if you add in Warzone as well as Season 2 content).


We’ll keep you posted as soon as Sony announce more information bout the M.2 SSD slot in the PS5 as well as which SSDS will be compatible. Hopefully Sony can add support for storing PS5 games on external hard drives at some point in the near future too. Hopefully it’s earlier in Winter rather than later.