A The Last Of Us Remake Is Apparently Coming To PS5

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has broken the (gaming) internet yet again with a scintillating report about Sony and the PlayStation brand.

There’s a lot to digest here, and I heartily recommend that you do so if you’re at all interested in video games and especially PlayStation.

Despite being less than a decade old, it seems that Sony has been preparing a remake of the original The Last of Us game from as early as 2018. The game was in development by a small team of PlayStation developers before being shuttered. The project is now, allegedly, being led by Naughty Dog themselves with assistance from other internal developers though whether it will ever see a release is to be seen.

The report also suggests that Bend Studio were split with half helping Naughty Dog with a multiplayer game with the other half set to work on a new Uncharted game, but the heads weren’t happy with this arrangement and left the studio. It’s unclear now if this Uncharted game is being worked on, but Bend studio appear to be working on their own game now. It goes on to suggest that Days Gone 2 is unlikely as Sony weren’t happy with the sales and critical feedback for the game.

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The report is especially illuminating about Sony’s current stance on the projects the greenlit – and perhaps a bit disappointing for those who liked the quirkier games the publishing powerhouse used to release prior to the closure of Japan Studio earlier this year too.

The full, unfettered report is available to read on Bloomberg now. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming months and years.