Dead Space

A New Dead Space Game Is Apparently Set To Be Announced At EA Play

It finally sound like it’s happening. It sounds like we’re getting a new Dead Space game after all these years.

Jeff Grubb took to YouTube earlier this morning to report that EA were set to announce a new project from an established IP at its EA Play live event on July 22nd. Gematsu got wind of the story and quickly reported that it was set to be a Dead Space game.

The game is set to be a reimagining of the series rathe than a sequel to the existing games. It’s set to be in development by EA Motive, after Visceral Games were closed down in 2017. EA Motive were previously responsible for Star Wars Squadrons.

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It’s only a month or so away until EA Play, so hopefully we see this project appear there. EA have a pretty heavy slate at the moment with new Skate, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Battlefield games all in development.

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