The New PS5 Model Seems To Actually Run Cooler

Last month we broke the news that a new PS5 model had hit stores here in Australia. It was quite a bit lighter, and this was due to the fact that the internals, mainly the heatsink had changed.

Early testing suggested that the new model ran warmer than the launch model based on testing of the heat coming out of the exhaust, but this is actually due to the fact that the new cooler is actually doing a better job of removing heat from the console (which is exactly what a cooling system is supposed to do).

YouTube channel the Hardware Buster measure the temperature of several components with Devil May Cry 5 running on the new model as well as the launch model and found that whilst the new PS5 model’s exhaust air is hotter, the APU (processor) actually ran about 11 degrees cooler, which is a great result.

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The memory and VRM temperatures did rise a little bit, but these shouldn’t have an effect on the console’s performance.

Obviously, we will need to see more testing over a longer period of time to have anything conclusive, but this does at least settle fears that this new model runs hotter due to cost cutting by Sony. The video also mentions that there are some other differences but found that things such as fan speed and noise levels are identical.