Dead Space Remake

Here’s An Hour Of Dead Space Remake Gameplay Footage

It's looking good!

An hour of the upcoming Dead Space Remake has appeared on the internet today, showing off chapter 3 from the game. It shows off many of the new features including Isaac’s voice, the fact that more of the ship is explorable and obviously the brand new graphics engine that breathes new life into the game.

Obviously the game isn’t final, so there are a few bugs, but it still looks fantastic.

A Resetera member also rounded up some of the key changes in the remake:

  • Devs consider the remake a labor of love
  • Priorities: immersion, setting, strategic action
  • Gameplay extended trailer shows the destroyed hanger and new zero-g.
  • The tram is no longer the only way to travel between chapters.
  • Intensity director keeps things unpredictable.
  • Adding context to objectives was a big goal (I.e. knowing when you’re doing something engineering related vs medical related).
  • Puzzles make you choose between elements like lights or life support.
  • Using modern tech to dynamically create environmental effects
  • Side by side comparisons really show the difference between the original and the remake
  • Balance between scripted moments and dynamic enemy encounters
  • Systemic events include playing with lights, sounds, jump scares, and other environmental effects
  • Necromorph models are far more varied, trying to show how diverse the crew was before getting turned into monsters
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Dead Space launches on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on January 13th, 2023.