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A New God Of War Ragnarok Video Series Is Here To Take You Behind The Scenes Of The Massive Sequel

Shaping the story of God of War Ragnarök

PlayStation and Santa Monica Studio are gearing up to release one of the year’s biggest games next week in God of War Ragnarök, and while it’s so far been surprisingly quiet on the trailer front when it comes to this game, it looks like things are about to really ramp up.

That’s starting with this new God of War Ragnarök Behind The Scenes project, a nine-part video series that will take players across all nine of the game’s mythical realms on a weekly basis and chronicle the multi-year production of the game. The first episode, titled Shaping The Story, starts us off and takes us through the key narrative beats that will take fans from the epic previous game and set up the journey ahead in Ragnarök.

In the video we hear from a number of developers on the narrative team about what to expect from the likes of Thor and Odin, who’ve come to the party with a thirst for vengeance after what Kratos and Atreus took from them (the video is packed with spoilers from the original game, if you haven’t played it) as well as the impending doom of Ragnarök itself. The team also describes the pair’s personal journeys, with Atreus growing up in the shadow of his own destiny and Kratos still finding what kind of father he wants to be.

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The studio also talks about developing a world-class narrative during a pandemic, including the challenges of motion capture amidst social distancing restrictions. Notably, it’s revealed that rather than compromise on the vision and what would be included in the final game the team rose to the occasion and found creative solutions to shoot exactly what they needed.

You can watch the video below:

God of War Ragnarok releases in a month on November 9th for PS5 and PS4. Amazon currently has the cheapest prices at $98 for PS5 and $79 for PS4.

We’ve been playing the game for ourselves and will have our preview impressions live at midnight this Friday, October 21st and a full review at 3AM AEDT on November 4th.