Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

It Looks Like Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores Expansion Could Be Announced Soon

The Snitch is back!

The serial leaker double-whammy of Twitter’s “The Snitch” and Tom Henderson’s Insider Gaming has struck again, this time with the claim that Horizon Forbidden West’s major story expansion will be revealed soon, believed to be called The Burning Shores.

Following the semi-cryptic Tweet below from The Snitch, which shows what looks like Aloy’s Focus device and highlights locations which have long been thought to be the setting for an expansion, Insider Gaming followed up with their own story.

The article, which you can read here, states that Insider Gaming understand the release date for The Burning Shores to be in April 2023.

Previously, players have been able to catch glimpses of recognisable landmarks such as the Hoover Dam and Memorial Bridge in sectioned-off areas of the game representing these locations, lending credence to the claims and the accuracy of The Snitch’s cryptic clues.

A few months ago, Sylens voice actor Lance Reddick also posted a short video showing him wearing facial capture markers in a recording session, in a tweet that’s since been deleted.

Header image credit: Reddit u/BobbaYagga57