Horizon Forbidden West Review

An Early Alpha Build Of Horizon Forbidden West Has Leaked Online

The Forbidden build!

An early test build of Horizon Forbidden West has made its way onto the internet via a hacking platform, and eventually Reddit.

The alpha build of the game, which was reportedly given to QA testers remotely during lockdowns, is a debug-enabled version of the game which means that users who download it have unprecedented access to the game’s Decima Engine-powered code, leaving it open to reverse-engineering and potentially even enabling it to be run on non-PlayStation hardware.

On top of this, old and discarded content may still exist in this early build of Forbidden West, which is reportedly fully playable on a jailbroken PS4 console.

A complete, non-public internal build of Horizon Forbidden West with complete debug enabled Decima engine build has leaked publicly.
by u/mentalexperi in GamingLeaksAndRumours

Despite the game being released early in 2022, this is still a pretty major leak of Guerrilla materials and is frankly a wild ordeal.

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Horizon Forbidden West’s next major content addition is coming in the form of the PS5-exclusive The Burning Shores expansion in April, not long after a new entry in the series comes exclusively to PlayStation VR2 in the form of Horizon Call of the Mountain.

A new, stylised multiplayer co-op game is also confirmed to be on the way, and there are rumours of both an MMO and a remake/remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn.