atomic heart gameplay

Here’s Eight Minutes Of Glorious 4K Atomic Heart Gameplay Footage

February 21st can't come soon enough!

Mundfish and Focus Entertainment have dropped a lengthy new, eight-minute gameplay trailer for Atomic Heart, which finally launches this month after being first shown off nearly five years ago in May 2018.

The video is an in-depth look at the explosive, first-person action RPG that walks keen players through the game’s fictional alternate-history 1950s USSR and explains what they’ll be doing as they control Major P-3 in the fight against a robotic rebellion.

Shown off are the game’s various exciting gameplay conceits from brutal melee combat and gunplay to environmental and physics puzzles, exploration, dialogue sequences and more. Paired with his multipurpose AI glove, Charles, P-3 has a massive amount of options in the fight against the rogue robots across Facility 3826 and you can catch some decent glimpses of them here:

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It’s easily the best look that the public has had at the overall tone, plot and sheer scope of the game – something we only really got a feel for ourselves in our recent hands-on preview of Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on February 21st, 2023.

Amazon currently has the best physical pre-order price at $84.99 with free shipping.