ps vr2 teardown

Here’s What The PlayStation VR2’s Guts Look Like

The horror!

PlayStation has released a couple of teardown videos for the PlayStation VR2 and its new Sense controllers, to give fans an idea of the kind of intricate engineering and cutting-edge design it’s taken to get these new devices to where they are now.

We recently walked you through what the unboxing and physical hardware experience of the PS VR2 is like, but there’s no way we could’ve gone this deep (literally) into it.

The first video shows Takamasa Araki from the Mechanical Design team taking apart the headset itself to show the internals including its cooling system for gameplay comfort, the design symmetry of its internal components to keep weight even, the camera units and optics and the design of the headband. It’s an incredibly interesting watch and really shows how much is going on inside the device:

The second video comes via Takeshi Igarashi from the Peripheral Design team and explains how they reworked the design philosophies and innovative features of the DualSense controller to suit the VR form factor, adding in things like finger detection to heighten the immersive experience even further. The video reveals that the haptic feedback units in the Sense controllers weren’t just taken straight from their “flat” gaming counterpart but were redesigned to fit the new shell, likewise for the adaptive trigger mechanism.

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The PlayStation VR2 releases on February 22nd, 2023. You can read more about our experience with it in our unboxing breakdown as well as our hands-on sessions with both Horizon Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil Village VR.