Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI Has Gone Gold


Square Enix and Creative Business Unit III have announced that Final Fantasy XVI has gone gold ahead of its June 22nd release date. This means that the game is now “finished” and ready to be sent to print/pushed to the PlayStation Store’s servers, with almost no possibility of any further delays (barring a sudden Eikon attack at the Square Enix office).

It’s come about with plenty of time to spare as well, given the game doesn’t launch for almost three months, but it’s great news and we can’t wait to get our hands on it again.

In a tweet, the studio said: “Final Fantasy XVI has gone gold.

From the entire team, including Torgal, we hope you’re looking forward to #FF16’s launch on June 22nd


CBUIII has been very vocal about the game recently, with an in-depth presentation at PAX East recently alongside a PlayStation Blog post detailing its PS5 features and, of course, a press tour that saw us travel over to the Square Enix offices in Tokyo to get hands-on with the game for ourselves, which you can read about here.

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In our preview of the game, we said “Regardless of the session having a more narrowed focus on combat and Eikonic battles, the two-and-a-bit hours I spent immersing myself in Final Fantasy XVI has painted a reassuringly positive picture. It’s been in good enough hands this whole time that I’ve always felt rather confident in the game to really bring the single-player Final Fantasy experience back into good stead, but knowing what I now know and playing what I played I’m almost certain that this will be the Final Fantasy to truly wow the world once again.”

Final Fantasy XVI launches for PS5 on June 22nd, 2023. Amazon has the cheapest pre-order price at $83 with free shipping.