final fantasy xvi state of play

The Final Fantasy XVI State Of Play Shows Off Its World, RPG Elements, Eikonic Battles And More

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The Final Fantasy XVI State of Play premiered this morning, showcasing 20-minutes of new and exciting footage of the game, with looks at a huge variety of locations, characters and plenty of exciting combat.

Crucially, it takes viewers through a heap of the game’s RPG elements – something that fans have been hanging to find out more about since it was revealed.

The Final Fantasy XVI State of Play takes us through a sizeable look at the game’s playable flashback sections where we see a young Clive Rosfield, before revealing the game’s World Map – which can be opened at any time for players to instantly travel to any locations they’ve unlocked.

final fantasy xvi state of play

We get to see plenty of exploration, and a healthy look at the game’s fast-paced real-time action combat against some a number of different enemy types and with Clive wielding his different Eikon palettes and Eikonic abilities. The progression systems for these were also shown off, along with the Timely Accessory support system that we were able to experience in our recent hands-on with the game.

The presentation also takes viewers through Cid’s Hideaway, which acts as a kind of hub area for Clive to shop, upgrade equipment, train, speak to NPCs, take on hunting jobs from an adorable Moogle, and more.

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The training area in particular looks like a ton of fun with heaps of options to customise the training battles and even an Arcade Mode to compete with friends for high scores. There’s also a very cool lore feature where Clive can recount his adventures to a loresman and earn new tomes of information or speak to a scholar to get various explainers on the world and people of Valisthea.

Some of the ridiculously-cool Eikon vs Eikon battles were on display as well, showcasing the different gameplay types and exciting scale of each playable showdown from “wrestling matches” to 3D rail shooter sequences and more.

There’s so much more to look at in the Final Fantasy XVI State of Play, so take a look at it in 4K below:

Final Fantasy XVI launches for PS5 on June 22nd, 2023. Amazon has the cheapest pre-order price at $82 with free shipping.