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Dredge Is Getting A Heap Of Post-Launch Updates And New Content

New DL-sea is on the way.

The folks at Black Salt Games have announced a post-launch content roadmap for the rest of the year for March’s excellent eldritch fishing adventure, Dredge.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, the studio revealed that it has plans to release a number of major updates through Q2 to Q3 of 2023 that will improve game functionality and add new features like a Passive Mode, Photo Mode, boat customisation and more. On top of this, a whole new paid story expansion is slated for Q4 which will optionally add new quests and discoveries for players who’re keen to dive deep back into the game.

Check out the full list of what’s coming to Dredge in 2023 below:

dredge dlc roadmap

Dredge 2023 Update And DLC Roadmap

Map Markers (Q2)
  • The addition of placeable map markers for dangers, shipwrecks, mysteries, and more, enabling more effective navigation between locations than before
  • Some balance changes and fixes

Photo Mode & Wildlife (Q2)

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  • Passive Mode: Monsters will no longer be aggressive, allowing players to focus on fishing and enjoying the serene surroundings
  • Photo Mode: Introduces a new in-game character granting players access to a camera, as well as new marine life to photograph

Boat Paint (Q3)

  • Players will be able to unlock new boat paint schemes and flags to customise their vessel
  • More to be announced

Ironhaven DLC (Q4)

  • A brand new, optional paid DLC expansion featuring the mysterious Ironhaven Corporation. A brand-new quest line that tasks players with gathering materials and biomatter, crafting new gear, meeting new characters and catching new fish as they work to uncover the truth behind Ironhaven’s plans.

We gave Dredge a very fresh 9/10 in our review, saying “To use fishing terms, Dredge isn’t one you’d kiss and throw back. It’s the definition of a trophy catch. Its series of elegantly simple systems interplay nicely, blending seamlessly with an eerily stunning eldritch style and a moreish checklist of sea life to catch.”