gex trilogy

The Original Gex Trilogy Is Headed To Modern Platforms

Kept you waiting, huh?

Gex is officially back!

During its Summer Showcase, Limited Run Games has revealed its working alongside Square Enix (who holds the rights to the IP) to re-release the original trilogy of Gex, Gex: Enter the Gecko and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC.

The games will be ported to modern platforms by Limited Run Games’ own Carbon Engine, a tool it developed in-house specifically to port incredibly accurate versions of classic games to current machines. While Limited Run hasn’t said much about the Gex Trilogy outside of the cheeky, bait-and-switch trailer making the announcement, the Carbon Engine is very much geared towards representing games exactly as they looked and played originally, so there’s little reason to believe these will be “remastered” versions of the games in any way (unlike the upcoming Croc!), save for some contemporary features like trophy/achievement support.

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It’s also one of the few first PlayStation titles to be supported by the Carbon Engine, which is neat. Some of the other re-releases announced during the showcase include Tomba, Clock Tower, and the classic Jurassic Park games.

You can check out the reveal trailer for Gex Trilogy below:

Were you expecting someone else?

Tail time is imminent. Through the science of the Carbon Engine, Gex fans will be able to revisit Gex, Gex: Enter the Gecko, and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko on modern systems for the first time!

Don’t touch that dial! Limited Run will have more news to share about the Gex Trilogy later!