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The Last Of Us Multiplayer’s Director Has Confirmed They’re Still Working On The Game

Not Left Behind just yet.

The fate of the multiplayer The Last of Us project has been clouded in just a touch of doubt in recent weeks and months. Not just because of a post from developer Naughty Dog acknowledging the radio silence on the game or reports that the project was being “reevaluated,” followed by news that the studio had let go of a heap of its contract workers, but with the very recent news of a round of layoffs at PlayStation Studios’ own Bungie it was starting to feel as though PlayStation’s live service ambitions were falling by the wayside.

Whatever the case is there, the director for The Last of Us’ multiplayer experience, Vinit Agarwal, has taken the opportunity to confirm to fans that work on the game continues, via a post about Super Mario Bros. Wonder of all things. Agarwal shared a photo of their achievement in beating Wonder’s Special World courses (no mean feat) and amusingly slid in a comment about TLOU, saying, “And so this tweet can live in peace… yes, I’m still working on that game.”

We still don’t actually know just what The Last of Us’ multiplayer project is going to be, with some signs pointing to it being a co-operative experience featuring new characters in a new story, but the game’s scope and direction could well have shifted and changed since we last heard about it.

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According to reports earlier in the year based on four separate anonymous sources familiar with the project who spoke to Bloomberg, development on the TLOU multiplayer title had been slowed down, with the team working on it scaled back as Sony and Naughty Dog “reassessed” the game’s quality and potential longevity, and “reevaluted” its direction. Many on the team have reportedly already been moved to other projects at the time, although it was stressed that the game wasn’t cancelled just yet and Agarwal’s recent post suggests it’s still alive.