Over 40,000 PS5s Have Sold Every Day On Average In 2023

Huge numbers!

In case you needed a reminder of just how exceptionally the PlayStation 5 is doing, financial news outlet Finbold has published a report that, as of October, an average of 1.2 million PS5 consoles have been sold every month in 2023. That equates to more than 285,000 units a week, or around 40,000 PS5s sold every day.

With the data only covering the first 10 months of the year, it also means that number will only grow by the end of 2023. Right now, the information provided shows that close to 15 million PS5s were sold as of October 2023, with the following two months sure to be some of the biggest thanks to Black Friday sales, the launch of the new slim model PS5 and of course the December holidays – meaning PlayStation could very well eclipse the 19 million units it moved in 2022.

In fact, that could even be conservative as Eric Lempel, Sony’s head of business operations told CNBC recently that the company’s target of 25 million consoles sold this year is within reach. “This holiday season is the first holiday season we will be fully stocked on PlayStation 5 in every geography,” Lempel told the outlet.

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This week marks the Australian launch of the new, slimmer PS5 console, which should see a nice little injection of supply and demand locally these holidays. The new model PS5 (known unofficially as the “PS5 Slim”) offers a smaller form factor than the current model with a new split-panel cover that helps to facilitate a major new selling point – the ability to separately purchase and attach a UHD Blu-ray disc drive to the Digital model should you want the ability to play games on disc. The console will also be available in a classic “disc” configuration with the detachable drive already included, and both now sport an upgraded 1TB SSD.

The PS5 Slim will come in two configurations, one with the disc drive included at $799.99 AUD and a cheaper, drive-less model for $679.99 AUD.