Here’s Your Best Look Yet At Helldivers 2 Ahead Of Launch Next Week

Can't wait.

Helldivers 2 is coming incredibly close to launch now, dropping next Friday, February 8th for PS5 and PC. This sequel takes the humble isometric cooperative alien shooting action of the original and expands it into an action-packed third person take on the formula, and it’s got the potential to be a quiet hit for PlayStation.

Given it’s almost time to get space boots on the ground, PlayStation and Arrowhead Game Studios have published yet another trailer and new PlayStation Blog Post stacked with information on the game including what players can expect from its “Galactic War” mission structure, multiplayer, player progression and enemy factions. We already got a pretty groovy launch trailer recently after the game went gold, but this new 5-minute video in particular is probably the best bit of media yet to actually impart how this game will work once players can dive in next week.

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Take a look at that below:

Helldivers 2 launches on February 8th for PS5 and PC and will feature cross-play between both platforms. You can pre-order the physical version on Amazon here for $59 or wishlist the game digitally on the PlayStation Store here or on Steam here.