helldivers 2 automatons

Helldivers 2 Players Straight-Up Wiped Out The Automatons Over The Weekend


The Helldivers 2 community is celebrating a monumental win, after it rallied together to entirely wipe out one of the game’s two enemy factions, the Automatons.

After having to deal with brand-new machine threats that included gunships and hulking “Factory Striders,” players were faced with a new Major Order in the form of Operation Swift Disassembly, which asked for the complete destruction of the Automatons. When this order was revealed, many assumed it to be doomed from the start, after all how would Arrowhead deal with the outright removal of one of only two factions in the game? What kind of live service game could be so bold?

Turns out, Helldivers 2 is that kind.

“You did it, Helldivers,” the official account for Helldivers 2 exclaimed on social media, along with some a gorgeous bit of art and the words Mission Accomplished. By some miracle, players actually got together and claimed victory over the entire Automaton force.

“Operation Swift Disassembly was a success! With the bots eradicated and bugs contained, the galaxy is free once more.”

That last bit, as anyone who plays or has been following the community, is obviously a huge lie. Helldivers 2 will carry on, and while there’s no telling what’s coming to replace the Automatons – whether they return, or we perhaps finally see the Illuminate faction from the original Helldivers make its appearance – there’s no doubt this is a big play from the studio.

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Arrowhead recently revealed the next Premium Warbond for Helldivers 2, giving dedicated players a new set of gear to unlock. The Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond will launch on April 11th and feature new armour, weapons, capes and more. As a Premium Warbond it’ll require paid Super Credits to unlock but these can also be earned through game progression.

And it looks like, at least for now, you’ll be using all of that shiny new gear to exclusively hunt bugs.