Aussies Can Grab PUBG On Xbox One, But It Might Be Hard To Find A Match

It’s hard to believe but PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s early access release is here on Xbox One, but you’re able to get the game right now (a little ahead of schedule according to Major Nelson’s release schedule).

We’ve just gotten our hands on our review code, so impressions are coming soon, but in the meantime, you can go grab it off the Xbox store right now.

The release across the world will be staggered across states, and Major Nelson has specifically stated that people in Australia will probably have a hard time finding matches until the roll out has completed.

Here’s what Major Nelson said about the rollout:

To prepare you for your jump onto the island, we wanted to share the exact times the game will be available on Xbox One across the world. As with all multiplayer games – especially those with 100 person matches – as more players and servers come online around the globe, the shorter wait times will become and the faster you’ll be able to get into matches – so players in New Zealand and Australia, be patient!