Minecraft Dungeons Jungle

Minecraft Dungeon’s First DLC Brings A Bunch Of New Content

Last month Mojang Studios released their dungeon crawler spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons. Today, a free update has introduced a whole bunch of new weapons, artifacts, mobs, and even a new mission to the game in preparation for the very first DLC pack: Jungle Awakens.

Set in an unforgiving wilderness unlike any other biome we’ve seen in the game so far, this expansion invites players to traverse the savage undergrowth of the Dingy Jungle as they battle infectious mobs, enchanted vines, and plant bound skeletons.

Jungle Awakens is available now for digital purchase on Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 but those who own Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition or the Hero Pass Upgrade won’t need to purchase the DLC or any upcoming DLC packs. You will need to complete the Obsidian Pinnacle mission on Default difficulty before you can play missions from Jungle Awakens in your own game session.

If the host of a game session owns Jungle Awakens, players that do not own it can still join the host and play the new missions. All players will still be able to obtain new gear that is dropped, even if they don’t own the DLC. You will need to purchase Jungle Awakens if you want to play the new missions in your own game session.