The First Starfield Gameplay Footage Has Arrived And It Looks Phenomenal

Star of the field!

Xbox + Bethesda’s Showcase this morning served to highlight gameplay first looks for a lot of games coming to the platform and Xbox Game Pass. The team opted to close out the showcase with one of the most anticipated games out of their line-up, Starfield.

Originally intended to be released in December, Starfield was recently bumped into next year to allow the team a chance to polish their first new IP in decades.

Based on the gameplay shown in the trailer, Starfield does look a lot like Fallout and feels reminiscent of Bethesda Games Studios’ other products. As expected, there’s resource mining and the game can be played from first and third-person perspectives.

Based on these early looks, the gunplay looks surprisingly rock-solid, while jetting about on your jetpack looks like a ball. It really looks as though the scope for Starfield is, in terms of both gameplay and story, enormous, so to see so much gameplay and have it look so impressive is a relief.

We also got a look at the game’s character creator, while Todd Howard confirmed that players will be able to fully build their own spaceship which can be flown. You’d better attach a decent cannon to that thing, too, because there’s outer space dogfighting in Starfield, which looks absolutely insane. And to say Starfield is a big game is an understatement with over one thousand planets in several systems that you’re able to land on and explore freely.

Starfield is set to launch exclusively for Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2023.