vampire survivors

Vampire Survivors’ First DLC Is Out Now If You’re Thirsty For More Of The Xbox Game Pass Hit

The base game is available on Xbox Game Pass

Vampire Survivors, the Early Access hit which recently saw a resurgence of praise thanks to its inclusion on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, has had its first drop of paid DLC today.

Titled Legacy of the Moonspell, the DLC expansion contains eight new characters, thirteen new weapons and a massive new stage as well as new music tracks and achievements.

In keeping with the affordable nature of the base game, the DLC is also only $2.95. You can pick it up from the Xbox Store here, as well as grab the Vampire Survivors game itself for just $6.85 (or at no extra cost for Game Pass subscribers).

“Our story of whips, magic wands, arcana, and monsters takes us to the northern alps of Japan, home of the Moonspell Clan. There, our heroes protect the boundary between the material world and the spiritual realm.

The veil here has always been thin, with oni, yokai, and kami of every type slipping through from time to time. The Moonspell have been forged in the fires of battle with these creatures, handing down monster hunting techniques from generation to generation.

However, as time wore on, the cracks in the veil widened, creating a flood of foes even the Moonspell could not successfully hold back. The lands were overrun. The villages and temples fell. The Moonspell were forced to retreat, never giving up hope of reclaiming their ancestral land.”