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How To Find And Use Digipicks In Starfield

Digpicks, Digital Lockpicks, Digipicks are the champions!

With Starfield finally out for everyone on Xbox Series X|S and PC today, one of the first things that a majority of players will no doubt want to know is where to and how to stockpile as many Digipicks (this game’s equivalent of lockpicks) as humanly possible.

There’s never a reason not to have a stash of ‘picks on-hand at all times to ensure you’re ready to bust into locked cases or doors that you might come across in your journey, depending on your character’s Security level of course, so here’s what you need to know:


Like other Bethesda Game Studios games, Starfield has a lockpicking mini-game that you’ll need to beat for each lock you want to, well, unlock by illicit means. It’s a very different experience here than in Skyrim or even Fallout because we’re in the future, which means locks are digital now. Still susceptible to literally anyone picking up stray picks off the ground to break into with relative ease, but digital nonetheless.

To initiate the lockpicking mini-game you’ll need two things: A lock to pick, and at least one Digipick. The idea in the mini-game is to break a series of rings by filling in the gaps with a selection of matching (or not matching) keys. Each lock will show you every ring you’ll need to break through in sequence and all of the possible keys to make it happen, and it’s your job to figure out which order to use the keys in to ensure you can get all the way through. The challenge is that often a key will fit into multiple rings but not necessarily be the right one at the right time, and as you move up in lock difficulties the game will even throw keys at you that are no good for any of the rings.

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Thankfully, as you pump more skill points into your character’s Security skill, you’ll start to earn added abilities like an auto-attempt to solve rings automatically or the ability to spend an extra Digipick to knock out any false keys. At the end of the day, you also have the ability to undo your actions or quit out and try again for a newly-generated puzzle. Of course, for that you’re going to need a stockpile of extra Digipicks, so…


The best and most obvious way to find Digipicks in Starfield is simply to be observant. If you’re fastidious in looking and rummaging around every area you explore in the game you’re bound to amass a collection quickly enough. Apparently folks in the 2300s are quite prone to losing their keys and so everyone drops spare picks like they’re my partner leaving hair ties in just about every place you could think of.

Failing that though, or if you simply want to be loaded up with as many Digipicks as possible, most general stores in the game will also sell them to you. It’s a good practice to hit up the vendors whenever you’re in one of the game’s major cities because they’ll usually be stocked with a handful of picks, which sell for basically pennies (usually 35 credits, though that might change depending on your character and alliances).

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