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A Second Xbox Update For September Has Simplified Game Capture Backup


Xbox has just revealed a little bonus September update for Xbox players, as a treat, and it brings with it improved control of players’ captured screenshots and video clips – along with altered policies for how Xbox retains the captures you’ve got stored on the Xbox network.

To begin with, Xbox has now introduced automatic deletion of captures on the Xbox network after 90 days, meaning users will have to back up anything existing that they want to keep (a guide on how to do that here) before it’s marked for deletion.

Alongside this new policy though, Xbox is making it easier to store and manage your captures on Xbox consoles, making it possible to automatically back up future captures to OneDrive as well as move, manage and bulk upload your captures. You can read more about these changes here.

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Also newly added is an Events channel on the Xbox Home screen where you’ll be able to quickly see in-game events and updates for your games, as well as a slight improvement to entertainment app installation when setting up a new Xbox console.

The other, major Xbox update for September added more substantial features like Discord game streaming, VRR support for Xbox Series X|S consoles and huge improvements to player reporting. You can see all of that right here.