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Age Of Mythology: Retold Is Coming To Xbox And PC This Year

With overhauled visuals and gameplay.

After it was announced as part of last year’s Age of Empires 25th Anniversary event, Age of Mythology: Retold – the newly-rebuilt version of the series’ well-loved 2002 mythological spin-off – has popped up again in a special “New Year, New Age” livestream covering off new developments in the franchise.

The game was re-introduced by way of a short video covering off some of the changes and upgrades coming to this new version of the game but also confirming that it’s arriving at some point this year on both Xbox and PC – and of course it’ll be a day one launch on Game Pass.

In the video, art director Melinda Rose introduces three major units’ (Medusa, Pegasus and Cerberus) detailed new designs which hold up really well in a life-sized POV despite being designed for viewing from high above in an RTS setting, and describes some of what players can expect in Retold from a visual perspective.

“In Age of Mythology: Retold, we’re not only upgrading the engine and bringing all of those quality-of-life improvements that you’ve come to expect from World’s Edge, but in addition to that we’re doing even more to update the art. That means all-new 3D models, all-new animations, textures, UI, VFX, the whole shebang,” Rose says in the video.

“Our goal is to not only pay homage to the past but to breathe new life into this game and maximise the mythology.”

You can check it out below:

Other Age announcements and updates during the New Year, New Age livestream included new DLC updates for Age of Empires II and Age of Empires III, a new season for Age of Empires IV, a first look at Age of Empires Mobile and the reveal that the series as a whole has now reached a milestone of 50 million players.

You can see everything in more detail at the official Age of Empires web page here.