You’ve seen our first Rugby League Live 4 match, you’ve seen two A.I teams go at it at Legends difficulty, but now we bring you an absolute annihilation at the hands of the Parramatta Eels in a player v player battle.


  • Sammac

    game looks better but it doesn’t do the game any justice with a retarded player who cannot play the game

  • olly fitzroy

    hey, could u play a manly game pls

  • Adam Bagnall

    Guy playing as the Storm doesn’t know anything about rugby league, and this video highlights what I’d been dreading; no improvement in AI at all. When you control one player out of 26 on the field, it’s important the AI make realistic decisions. Sadly I see that the AI in these games remain as useless as ever. Memo to Big Ant: fix the game play so it actually plays like a rugby league game, then worry about player likeness, stadium creator, etc.

    • Satisyn Gaming

      There are two guys playing one as Storm and the other as Eels

      • Adam Bagnall

        And neither of them know how to play the game by the looks of it. What a bad move by Big Ant

  • Marley Tougher

    next game u play, could u please show replays and cinematic

  • dkrule

    do a titans game next please

  • Liquidsnakegti

    This video is stupid.

  • Satisyn Gaming

    Titans vs Cowboys please

  • Joseph Wright

    Could you do some Super League? It’s like we don’t even exits.