The PlayStation 5 Is Going For Its Best Deal Ever Right In Time For Christmas

The best PS5 deal yet.

Not only are the holidays nearly upon us, but we’re headed deep into sales season with Black Friday deals heating up across the country. That means it’s the perfect time to start getting your Christmas shopping sorted, and for many this year that’s going to mean picking up a shiny new video game console to slide under the tree.

If that’s you, we’re here to tell you that right now is absolutely the time to pick up a PlayStation 5 console for Christmas.

One of the hot ticket items in Black Friday sales this year is the PS5, with the console going for easily the best deal we’ve seen as a bundle with the more expensive disc-based PS5 console (meaning you can play physical game discs and movies on it) along with a copy of the just-released and hugely popular Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for just $655. Bought separately, these would normally run you $924.90 so it’s a huge saving of over $245.

If a PS5 is under consideration at all this holidays, stop looking and grab this deal while you can:

PS5 Disc Console + Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Game – $655 on Amazon with free shipping.

Feel more with PS5. Beyond the everyday. Beyond extraordinary. Even beyond imagination. Feel it now.

And if you need any other ideas for added extras with the PS5 console, Amazon’s also got a ton of deals on accessories and games:

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