Roundtable: What To Expect From Sony At Gamescom

Sony have had a complete opposite journey to Microsoft since announcing the PS4 in February. Can they continue their smooth sailing when announcing their launch plans for the PS4? Tune in on Wednesday morning to find out!

Sony has got this in the bag. Honestly, they literally had to do NOTHING, and they came out as the kings. All they did was sell the PS4 as a GAMES console first and foremost, and the legions of gamers hailed them as heroes. To this note, I don”t expect anything significant from Sony aside from revealing the final release date. Of course, they could really nail the coffin of Xbox One by possibly announcing some brand new exclusives, maybe a new Resistance or an Uncharted prequel focusing on Francis Drake (who knows?), or one could hope, The Last Guardian. I also expect a HUGE focus on the Vita, because let”s face it, the proposed support for the Vita and connectivity between it and the PS4 is by far a huge drawcard for Sony and could immediately boost sales for the Vita, assuming this comes with a price reduction. Maybe some more details about Gaikai?

In the end though, I just want to see some actual gameplay for The Order 1886. Pray to God we have a unique and interesting game on our hands.

I”m really looking forward to what Sony have to show at Gamescom. All of their showings since February have been absolutely flawless and have all showed something about the console that have been the hardcore gamer extremely happy. I think they”ll talk about Gaikai and what that means for the European audience. I also think that they will release full European launch plans as Europe really is their territory. I wouldn”t be surprised if they are going to sell a bundle with the PS4 and the Vita. These two systems really looks like they were built alongside each other to really complement each other nicely.

I think they”ll come hard hitting with even more games from European studios. I think we might get a sneak peak of what Media Molecule are working on for the PS4 and there are also rumours that we”ll see a new Little Big Planet revealed although it”s unsure whether this will be for the PS3 or PS4. I think we”ll see a stunning new montage of gameplay from B3YOND, RAIN & The Puppeteer and Sony are really going to push the fact that there”s still a lot of life left in the PS3.

I definitely think that Sony are going to show off some new games for the Playstation Camera. Some of those smaller European studios have to be working on games for it. Perhaps a new Singstar, Dancing game or Sports game? I think we”ll definitely see a new InFAMOUS power as well as new Killzone features/multiplayer. I also think that they”ll show off a lot more of Drive Club as there”s still quite a lot we don”t know about that game.

I think there is a SMALL chance that will see a teaser of what Naughty Dog have been working on after Uncharted 3 but it wouldn”t surprise me if they saved it for the VGA”s as well. Overall there isn”t much that Sony can do wrong at the moment. All of their messages and branding have been extremely clear and always received positive criticism so I think they”ll continue with momentum and really make gamers happy with their launch plans.

No doubt the major focus of the Gamescom presentation will be the announcement of the release dates for the next generation of consoles. I’m going to tip a late November/early December for the PS4 but this brings another issue to mind. What models will it release with? Some variant models with premium features is always a possibility. Earlier on in the month there were rumbling of the PS4 releasing with a PS Vita for a discounted rate. This would certainly be a positive to boost sales for the struggling hand held given that the Vita has the potential to be a Come and join other gamers like you today!Not all casinos will accept MasterCard – some only take Visa or have other rules, but Online Casino Australia offers the maximum flexibility with accepted card types, so you don’t have to look around. portable PS4. If this is a road Sony are looking down, I do certainly hope they can market and advertise it right for the benefit of gamers you aren’t fully informed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a section was devoted to The Last of Us. Where they advise us on their sales figures on the extraordinary game and shed some light on the story mode DLC. Following that Naughty Dog will announce their new game for the PS4 it could be Uncharted 4 given that the numbers line up and would be the first game to do so but given Naughty Dog’s history with a new console and new IP. I think we can expect to see something totally new and it will be absolutely amazing! However another aspect of their history shows Naughty Dog announcing most of their games at the upcoming VGA, so we still have to wait a little while yet. At the very least I would love to see an announcement for The Last of Us DLC

On the note of Sony powerhouses! What have Sony Santa Monica been up too? Hopefully a new entry into the God of War franchise perhaps? Given that they released God of War: Ascension only earlier this year. If Santa Monica were to announce their new game I would allow a fair amount of breathing space given a short turn around after their recent release.

Concentrating on the Vita a price drop wouldn’t be too far off the cards. A while ago this was performed in Japan and sales for the vita nearly quadrupled. If we are lucky a price drop for the expensive memory cards will be announced effective immediately. I am looking to see a lot of support for the Vita some high quality AAA games. Yes this portable console has an amazing ability to compliment the PS4 but it has to stand on its own two feet. Sony Bend for example has set an amazing bar with Uncharted: Golden Abyss. A game which I’m ashamed to say I have not yet completed but am hanging onto every moment on it. Perhaps given their excellent example of what they can do with an already well-established franchise. Sony might let them try their hand at a Vita Version for God of War, InFamous (I would love to see a new InFamous game) or quite simply stick with what they know with another Uncharted. Another entry into portable Assassins Creed is still on the cards too.

Indie games have been a strong feature for Sony and I think they would be crazy not to announce some great up and coming indie games available for cross buy across all platforms.

Sony has promised continued support of the PS3 and it is showing. I would hope to see some more details on Gran Turismo 6 and the recently announced Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus. I would love to see a Vita Cross Buy version for Ratchet and Clank. That only brings us up to the end of this year though, what about 2014? There was word that Bluepoint games, popular for their HD ports of classic PS2 games are hiring. Could it be for another HD remake? What could it be for I would love to see Jak X with a HD makeover. Expect to see some more games announced for next year on the PS3 also.

Given that the next Tomb Raider has been confirmed it would be a lovely little treat to see a small teaser trailer. Their reboot has sold well and given a breath of fresh air for Lara. It would be a treat to see what her next adventure holds.

After Mad Max was the recipient of some controversy after an American voice actor. I would love to see the revamped trailer or even some game play with the new Australian voice acting. AUSSIE! AUSSIE! AUSSIE!

It really feels like Sony wants to push the Vita more, and considering its extremely poor sales, I believe they’ll be willing to bundle the Vita with PS4s once it’s out, just like that rumour running around the internet said. It may be a bit of a loss, but it just seems like Sony has big plans for its portable system. Personally, I believe in the Vita, and even though I don’t own one, I’m willing to bet that it’s as good to have as a PSP was, and that I did have; In fact, I loved my PSP. Sony will obviously nail down their launch date for the PS4, considering that it’s meant to come out this year (at least that’s what they said), they’ll have to settle with a proper date, and what better time than now.

Whatever happens, a console war without the ammunition is useless, which of course, is the games. Now more then ever, it seems that games really live in every platform there is, and platform exclusives are few and far between, and it makes sense, platform exclusives are usually a profit loss for publishers, who want to make the most out of their IPs, so really, what’s going to happen then?
I want to start with a personal favourite of mine, and one that as a fan I have been waiting for, for a long time: Final Fantasy XV. Because of how it re appeared in the sony press at E3, I believe what’s going to happen is that it’s going to be released first on the PS4, and then later it’s going to make its way to the Xbox One. Final fantasy was a Playstation exclusive for some time, so I think it’s plausible.

It seems that Sony went on the complete opposite road from Microsoft. Sony are the good guys right now. Following through with people”s demands right from the beginning with the #NODRM Twitter campaign against them, it just seems like that Sony are doing everything right in terms of marketing their console. When i think of Sony all I have is questions.

What”s their plan with the vita are more games on the way? How will it interact with the PS4? How will the Gaikai streaming service for previous generations work? Do they have any details on when we can expect that service to go live? A fee months from launch? Sony is keeping a lot hidden so far, and it will be interesting to see all of these sorted out soon. Are they going to announce new games as well? What will they be keeping the PS3 owners while wait for the PS4 to become established? Last but not least, When is the PS4 coming out? I doubt all of these things will be covered at GamesCom, but as we have all seen this year. Crazier things have happened!