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Final Fantasy VII Is Getting The LEGO Treatment

Can't wait to lose that one wing behind the couch.

As part of Square Enix’ 26th anniversary Final Fantasy VII celebrations, which have also seen January 31st become the official Final Fantasy VII Day in Japan, the company has announced its plans to make one of four iconic scenes from the game into a LEGO build.

Fans have until roughly February 7th to vote for one of the proposed scenes, which Square Enix will then turn into a LEGO diorama with plans to give it away to a fan in an upcoming contest later in the year. The scenes proposed are below.

Proposed LEGO Final Fantasy VII Builds

  • Aerith’s House
  • Honeybee Inn
  • Sector 5 Slums Church
  • Water Tower Nibelheim

To round off Final Fantasy VII’s 25th anniversary year we want you to vote for one of four classic scenes, that we’ll remake with Lego. We’ll then give away the final piece as a prize in a contest later this year.

Cast your vote in the next VII days:

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It’s not quite the dream of LEGO developing an official set based on the iconic JRPG, but it’s definitely an exciting event.

LEGO has its own channel for fans to design and submit their own builds to be voted on and potentially turned into official sets, but so far it’s not yielded anything for Final Fantasy fans to get excited about.

Final Fantasy VII has seen a healthy resurgence of late, with the recent launch of Crisis Core –Final Fantasy VII– Reunion, as well as the second part of the game’s remake effort, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and the mobile anthology game Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis both on the way.