State of Play VR2 Games

Here’s 5 New Games Coming to the PlayStation VR2

The library is already growing.

Sony has announced five new titles for PlayStation VR2 for players to sink their teeth into following this week’s launch. The titles were shown off during this morning’s State of Play and showcase some of the variety we can expect with titles going forward on the VR2. Some of these titles are ports of existing games, while others are entirely brand new.

The Foglands

The Foglands is an atmospheric roguelike releasing later this year with a visual style most comparative to Sea of Thieves. The game looks quite atmospheric, with a focus on first-person combat and a focus on using your environment to get an upper-hand on your adversaries. It’s coming sometime this year.

Green Hell VR

Previously released in 2019 on PC, Green Hell VR is a VR survival game about trying to last in the Amazon jungle. Touted as a complex and authentic survival game, players will have to maintain hunger, thirst, and fatigue, all while contending with dangerous wildlife and tropic dangers that can strike you down at any time. It’s also releasing sometime this year.


Synapse comes from the team behind Far Cry VR and Fracked and Phantom: Covert Ops. It gives similar vibes to Control, where players will move through monochromatic environments, using telekinesis to pick up and hurl items as you move your way through stages in first-person combat. It’s a tried-and-true combination, and you’ll be able to play it later this year.

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Journey To Foundation

Based on Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi epic, Journey To Foundation sees players taking control of a galactic spymaster to infiltrate a group of defectors, discovering a truth that could alter the course of history forever. If you’ve got a hankering for some nifty sci-fi settings and what looks to be a well-realized world, Journey To Foundation might be for you when it launches later this year.

Before Our Eyes

The 2021 adventure game developed by GoodbyeWorld Games is being ported to VR using VR2’s front-facing camera and eye tracking to bring the game’s very novel premise to new heights. The general idea is that you watch the narrative fold and change as you blink in real life, resulting in different outcomes and narrative beats based on when you blink. It’s a great fit for VR2’s eye tracking, and is definitely one to keep your eyes on for when it launches on March 10th, 2023.

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