vampire survivors october 2023

Vampire Survivors’ Latest Free Update Is Spooky And Snowy

And just like that I'm back in.

Developer Poncle has dropped a big new update to the viral hit game, Vampire Survivors, bringing it up to Version 1.7.0 and adding a number of new seasonally-themed features. On most platforms, at least.

Dubbed the “Chilling Update,” it brings a brand-new 20 minute bonus stage named Whiteout where players can face off against enemies and bosses on a snowy stage, along with two new relics and a new PowerUp to earn, a new weapon and playable character and a new music track.

Check out a trailer for the update below:

Amusingly, but also probably frustratingly for both Poncle and Vampire Survivors players, the update is out on all platforms except Switch, where approval was denied thanks to the use of the term “Flashing VFX” in the options menu.

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“We wanted to always release patches globally, because we know how frustrating it is to receive updates late only because your platform of choice is not the main one. But with this level of silliness, in return it becomes unfair to all other players to hold back a release because a single platform is that slow,” Poncle noted in the post detailing the update.