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Xbox And Shapes Have Teamed Up Yet Again And This Time It’s A Whole Pop-Up Lounge Experience In Sydney

I want to go to there.

After being told to “get a room” following multiple partnerships resulting in the birthing of things like this glorious Barbecue Shapes Xbox Series X and this hideous Chicken Crimpy Series S, Xbox Australia and the iconic Shapes brand have done just that.

Located at the Microsoft Experience Centre in Westfield Sydney, the duo have just launched a new Shapes and Xbox inspired, custom-built lounge room experience where punters can chow down on their favourite Shapes flavours as well as check out that limited-edition Barbecue Shapes Xbox Series X Console in person.

xbox shapes

Fans will be able to see an “eye-popping” bookshelf carved out with the various Shapes shapes, a Chicken Crimpy coffee table, a Barbecue Shapes lounge and more. There’s even a Barbecue Shapes candle to find that I’m sure would be the perfect mood-setter for your next gaming night or date (or both).

Of course, you’ll be able to simply kick back in The Lounge Room That Shapes Built (For Xbox) with a themed controller in hand and check out some games while eating Shapes and going for instant prizes in a special Shapes Xbox Vending Machine, from Xbox Game Pass codes to Xbox Controllers.

xbox shapes

This pop-up is open now and runs until May 8th, so make sure you go and check it all out if you’re in Sydney in that time. Please. I’ve written “Shapes” and “Xbox” so many times now the words have lost all meaning and I need to know it was worth it for just one person.

There’s also still time to win one of a bunch of Xbox Series X Consoles that are up for grabs every day with purchases of boxes of Shapes from Woolies, Coles and independent supermarkets along with up to 30,000 Xbox Game Pass prizes. The promo kicks runs until May 12th, 2024 with Australian and New Zealand residents over 18 eligible to enter.

You can find more information on that and get your entries in here.