Nintendo Direct July 2020

A Proper Nintendo Direct Is Apparently Happening In July

It’s been nine months since the last Nintendo Direct took place (September 2019), but it looks like July might finally be the month that we finally get another one.

KeliosFR (who has leaked the dates of several Nintendo Directs before) is suggesting that a Nintendo Direct will happen on July 20th.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is the only major 2020 Nintendo game that we know about and it’s out next week. Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 still have no dates, but it’s unlikely they’d be coming this year. It’s been rumoured that remasters of several 3D Super Mario games would come later this year, as well as a Deluxe Edition of Super Mario 3D World to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary. These rumours came alongside the Paper Mario rumour (which was later revealed to be true when Nintendo announced the game on Twitter).

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Nintendo has recently stated that it believes in the Direct model: “We feel Nintendo Directs are an incredibly effective way to present information directly to our customers in a very straight-forward way,” Furukawa said.

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