pokemon concierge

Pokémon Concierge Is A Brand New Stop-Motion Netflix Series

Welcome to the White Lotad

A new Pokémon Presents presentation has aired this morning, celebrating Pokémon Day with a handful of new Pokémon announcements.

One of these is announcements is Pokémon Concierge, a wholly original stop-motion animated series produced by Dwarf Animation Studio and set at an adorable Pokémon resort.

Not much more was revealed about Pokémon Concierge aside from a very short teaser featuring a stop-motion Psyduck and Haru, a worker at the resort.

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Take a look below:

Introducing Pokémon Concierge, a new collaboration between Pokémon and Netflix featuring stop-motion animation by dwarf studio. Follow Haru, a worker at the Pokémon Resort, and Psyduck as they meet Pokémon and Trainers on vacation!