Aya Neo Air

The Aya Neo Air A Smaller Windows Handheld With A 1080P OLED Display And It’s Coming To Australia Too

Smaller OLED display!

Last week we wrote about the fact that the Aya Neo Next was coming to Australia next month, and it’s also now been confirmed that the Aya Neo Air Pro which is Aya Neo’s soon to be released smaller Windows portable is also coming to Australian retailers. Being a Windows handheld, it can play any PC games from launchers such as Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox and all the others.

It’ll be available at Amazon for $1,249 as well as the likes of EB Games and JB Hi-Fi when it launches in November. It’s a similar form factor to the Nintendo Switch Lite with a 5.5″ 1080P touch screen OLED display. It has a 512GB SSD and 16GB of ram as well as an AMD 5560U CPU. It’s a tad less powerful than it’s bigger sibling the AYA Neo Next but is still great for AAA titles as well as indie games and emulation. Unlike the Aya Neo NEXT, it runs its own OS which is set to provide better game management.Aya Neo AIR Pro

Whilst it’s still pricey, it’s definitely exciting to see these new powerful handhelds making their way to Australian retailers as we wait for the Steam Deck to arrive, and no doubt this technology will keep getting pushed forward as time goes on.

So to sum up the current range that Aya Neo is bringing to Australia:

Aya Neo AIR Pro

Our review of the Aya Neo Next will be coming in the next week or so and hopefully we can cover the AYA Neo Air Pro later in the year too.

All the pre-order links for both devices can be found below: