The First Gameplay Trailer For Windblown, From The Creators Of Dead Cells, Has Arrived


First revealed in an animated trailer during The Game Awards late last year, Windblown is an upcoming co-op roguelite action game from Motion Twin, the folks behind the beloved Dead Cells. Now just a few months later, Motion Twin has dropped a slick-looking debut gameplay trailer showing off the first proper look at the game.

Trading in Dead Cells’ 2D side-scrolling for isometric, stylised (and quite charming) 3D visuals, this early glimpse definitely bears all the hallmarks of the genre while promising some pretty hectic-looking combat, breakneck movement, bullet hell action and robust three-person cooperative play.

The trailer also reveals the game is headed to PC as an Early Access release at some point this year, and you can wishlist it on Steam right here. Check out the trailer below:

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From the developer:

“Wake up warriors! This is Windblown, a lightning-fast action roguelite crafted by Motion Twin, the creators of Dead Cells.

“You innocent souls have lived peacefully in The Ark, a floating village orbiting around the gigantic and deadly Vortex. However, don’t let that calm existence fool you; your cozy little island is about to get devoured…

“Countless warriors, the Leapers, have met their end fighting dreadful emissaries of the Vortex; now it’s your turn to save your kind, or turn into cannon fodder trying…”