PS5 Factory

An Image Of A PS5 In A Factory Has Appeared

We’ve seen a bunch of Sony’s wonderful marketing shots for the PS5, showing off the All Digital and regular editions from all angles (except the back), but it looks like the first actual image of a PS5 in the flesh has appeared. 

PS5 Factory

It is believed that this is the Head of Engineering for Sony holding the PS5 with the image being sent around Sony internally. A Verified Software Engineer over at Resetera has confirmed that he believes the image to be real (based on inside information). The Brand Community Manager at 505 Games has also confirmed the image to be real.


The image doesn’t tell us a whole lot. It’s definitely on the larger size of what you’d expect a console to be, but we already knew that thanks to some crafty size comparisons that are already on the internet. 

The PS5’s Size Compared To The Xbox Series X, PS4 Pro And Xbox One X

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