Fall Guys Eliminated

Here’s The Most Brutal Fall Guys Elimination That I’ve Seen

At this point, we’ve all experienced or seen a ridiculously unlucky run to the finish in Fall Guys. A time where you’ve leapt across the line at the same time as getting eliminated, or falling down a gap and dropping from first place to last, but this one takes the cake for me.

Twitter user ‘UnninSMILE’ was sitting in 6th spot when he stopped to potentially grab someone just before the finish line (their first crucial mistake), they sent proceeded to get hit by not one or two balls, but seven balls just before the finish line.

37 people then leapt ahead of them, to see them cross the finish line at the same time as the 43rd person, but still brutally get eliminated.

We’ve compiled some handy Fall Guys tips for you so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen. You can find them HERE. 

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