PS5 Monitor 1440p

The PS5 Does Not Support Native 1440p Output According To Sony

Sony has confirmed to IGN Italy that much like the PS4 and PS4 Pro, the PS5 will not support 1440p output. This is important for those that want to use their PS5s with their monitors or those that want to use 1440p/120hz on their TVs.

IGN Italy‘s report includes a statement from Sony and says: “According to the latest information, confirmed directly by Sony to our editorial team during the day today , PS5 will not support the native resolution at 1440p”.

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We were able to confirm in our Xbox Series X preview that the Xbox Series X does in-fact support 1440p, just like the Xbox One X did.

All of this isn’t going to impact a lot of gamers, but it will definitely impact gamers who either have a gaming monitor (that isn’t 4K capable) or those wanting to push the resolution down on their TVs to take advantage of higher frame rates.

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