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Launch Platforms Have Been Announced For The Adorable-Looking LEGO Bricktales

And potentially a release date!

Thunderful Games, the publisher of the upcoming puzzle-adventure game, LEGO Bricktales, has finally announced the platforms that the game will be headed to when it launches later this year – and it’s almost all of them!

The game, developed by Clockstone, will be coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC. A PC release felt like a known quantity at this point given there’s a demo you can download and play on Steam already, but it’s nice to finally get confirmation of a wider launch.

Interestingly enough, heading over to the official website for LEGO Bricktales a release date of October 31st, 2022 was initially listed multiple times despite Thunderful not yet announcing it. There’s always a chance this is a placeholder of some kind but it was featured quite heavily on the page (and quickly removed) to not mean something:

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lego bricktales release date

LEGO Bricktales is an adventure game that will let players unleash their imagination to solve puzzles brick-by-brick through an intuitive interface across gorgeous LEGO dioramas.

“Embark on an epic adventure across a world of beautiful LEGO diorama biomes crafted brick by brick as you search for inspiration to help your grandfather reinvigorate his rundown amusement park with your little robot buddy in tow. Your journey will take you to the deepest jungle, sun-drenched deserts, a bustling city corner, a towering medieval castle, and tropical Caribbean islands. Help the minifigures of these worlds by solving puzzles and unlock new skills throughout the story to further explore these worlds and uncover the many secrets and mysteries they contain.”

You can check out the launch platforms announcement trailer for LEGO Bricktales below: