The PlayStation Project Q Handheld Is Already Out In The Wild And A Heap Of Photos And Videos Have Leaked

We heard you had some Qs.

In a surprisingly significant leak, it seems somebody has gotten their hands on PlayStation’s upcoming “Project Q” handheld early – so early the thing doesn’t even have a name yet – and has subsequently leaked a heap of new and unannounced details.

We’ve frequently reported on leaks from Zuby_Tech in the past, and they’ve struck once again with videos and images of the device posted on Twitter that reveal a whole lot more about the streaming-focused handheld than Sony probably wanted the world to know just yet.

For example, it seems the device’s operating system is in fact based on Android, and not a completely custom OS. It’s certainly going to make the device seem a little more viable for power users if it proves to enable the homebrew scene early on.

The images give us the best look yet at the device, which melds the successful DualSense Controller form factor with an 8″ tablet sporting a 1080p screen and Wi-Fi to enable PlayStation Remote Play when connected – seemingly the primary focus of this particular device. It certainly looks as large as you’d expect for something with that size of a display sandwich between two halves of a DualSense, but it looks comfortable enough to hold.

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It’ll be interesting to see if this thing takes off in a meaningful way in a world where users can already attach a DualSense-like controller to their existing mobile devices, but there’s certainly merit to having something dedicated and throw-around at home to use as a portable display. Knowing that it’s Android-based definitely adds to its viability for certain punters but the photos also seem to confirm that the DualSense part isn’t detachable so it’d be an awkward thing to use as anything other than a gaming machine.

The PlayStation Project Q handheld is expected to launch sometime later this year, and given we’re now seeing the device out in the wild that’s become more believable, but without official word from PlayStation we’ll just have to wait to find out more.