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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Is Bringing Its Jet Set Radio Vibes To PlayStation And Xbox

Cyberfunk killed the (Jet Set) Radio star.

Team Reptile has dropped a snazzy new trailer for its Jet Set Radio love letter, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, along with finally revealing the additional platforms its set to launch on beside the initially-announced Nintendo Switch and PC versions.

It’ll be a bit of an extra wait, a few weeks out from the Switch and PC launch on August 18th, but both PlayStation and Xbox fans will also be able to get around this stylishly cel-shaded homage when it releases on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on September 1st.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is set to let players loose in a fictional New Amsterdam, with multiple boroughs to explore as they skate, dance, tag and dodge a militarised police force while earning REP in the name of building and becoming the #1 crew. It looks stylish as hell, and has a soundtrack featuring the likes of GRRL (who you can hear in the new trailer) as well as contributions from Hideki Naganuma – who worked on the soundtrack for Jet Set Radio.

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You can wishlist the game on the below platforms now:

Check out the “Official Special Trailer” for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk below:

SEGA supposedly has their own official Jet Set Radio game in the pipeline too, reportedly a AAA-scale reboot. It was originally claimed to be part of the publisher’s “Super Game” initiative which was in the works to take on the juggernaut that is Fortnite by creating living worlds and communities that leverage its IP.