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The Cosmic Horror Firefighting Game Quantum Error Has Secured A PS5 Release Date

It looks lit.

First announced almost exactly three years ago for the PS5 and PS4, the Unreal Engine 5-powered cosmic horror game Quantum Error has finally secured a release date – this time solely on PS5.

Quantum Error thrusts players into the space fireman boots of Capt. Jacob Thomas in a third or first-person sci-fi horror experience where you’ll face dangers both alien and environmental, using the tools of the firefighting trade like extinguishers and jaws of life (or death?) to survive. It looks appropriately spooky and well-rendered using the Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities on PS5, so it should hopefully prove a treat for horror fans.

The game is also planned for an Xbox Series X|S and PC launch, though no date or release window has been set. A few weeks ago we learned that the PS4 version of the game was ultimately canned, with the studio saying “A PS4 version would require too much downgrading and changing of assets, lighting, and much more to function, and with the difference in memory and the slower HDD speed, it would be a very different experience that would not compare to the PS5 version and would not be fair to PS4 players.”

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You can check out the Release Date Story Trailer for Quantum Error below, as well as a chunky 20 minutes of gameplay here.

“Experience the mysticism of a cinematic story driven First Person/Third Person shooter game set in the coming of the Quantum Age. Explore and descend deep into the high tech yet esoteric Monad facility and beyond, to interstellar travel, encountering enemies and bosses from the familiar to the inexplicable. Ride a rollercoaster of cosmic horror as you fall deeper and deeper into the unknown.”

Quantum Error is coming exclusively to PS5 on November 3rd. You can wishlist the game on the PlayStation Store right here.